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Power in Our Voice

This year’s DDNC was a dynamic, inspiring, and explosive four days! We were given knowledge, hope, and a call to action from our National President, Soror Beverly E. Smith. There is no way to capture the content AND the connection that was shared in a short article, but please know that we will share detailed notes and resources in the near future.

  • Experts from all areas came to equip us with the knowledge we need to make sure we have a complete count for the census, register/mobilize voters, and work collaboratively with other chapters/regions and externally with the D9, nonprofits, churches, and other civic organizations.

  • On Social Justice Sunday, Bishop Vashti Murphy Mckenzie built us up with a message that called us to focus more on our blessings, than our “messings”. On Monday, during the Social Action Luncheon, Rev. Dr. Frederick Hanes, III got us fired up by reminding us that even if we don’t have the position, we have the power. I encourage you to watch his powerful message on YouTube here:

  • Our national president made it clear that the “red army” is for internal reference ONLY because of its negative connotations (google “red army” and look at the results). It is not to be used externally in any way (including written or on items like t-shirts or pins). Please send suggestions of a new name to national headquarters

  • Our voices and our presence were felt with the Senate and the House of Representatives on the last day of DDNC. In addition to meeting with specific leaders, over 100 Sorors visited Senator Mitch McConnell’s office to let him know that we see what he is doing and we will not take the pressure off! Please see the article written by CNN here:

Lastly, I’ll leave you with the same question asked of us at the conference: what are you going to DO?

Register people to vote, drive voters to the polls, educate others about the census, write/call/email/visit your representative, learn about the issues, and share your knowledge.

REMINDER: Census Day is October 31st. Census forms will be mailed beginning March 12th. Once you have the form in hand, you can complete it online, by phone, or by paper. We need a #completecount because billions of dollars for education, healthcare, infrastructure, and community support are at stake. We count! #DSTUCOUNT

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