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In realizing its mission, Delta Sigma Theta provides a number of public service initiatives through its Five-Point Program Thrust.

Economic Development, Educational Development, International Awareness and Involvement, Physical and Mental Health, and Political Awareness and Involvement.


Chairpersons: Soror Darlene Walker-Coleman

National economic trends, such as unstable employment, the threat to Social Security as we know it, and the widening gap between wealth and poverty are the bases for the development of Financial Fortitude, the current Economic Development Program Initiative of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Financial Fortitude is a process that will help program participants to set and define goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and to put the plan into action. The process serves as a blueprint to address all aspects of personal finances.


The Financial Fortitude initiative is comprised of ten components and provides a collaboration of information from the FDIC, the National Endowment for Financial Education and other well-known financial institutions. The ten components include: Goal Setting, Financial Planning, Budgeting, Debt Management, Savings & Investments, Retirement Planning, Homeownership, Insurance, Estate Planning, and Entrepreneurship. The initiative helps members of the Foothill Alumnae Chapter (FAC) spread financial education throughout our local community.

FAC also compiles a FAC Business Directory * for chapter members and their family members to share information on their personal business ventures. 

*The Foothill Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. does not endorse any of the businesses listed on this website.

Begin your journey towards debt reduction and financial freedom. Sign up today with Foothill Alumnae!

Business Directory



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Connect with resources in your community and support their ongoing effort by using the FAC Business directory.

Not registered? Register your business and share the benefit grabbing the attention  of people around your community. To register, sign up, join the network, and begin promoting your company. 

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